SEGMENT: atv, ranger
Gear and Chain Case Lubrication

• Polaris Power Trains use several different methods for transmitting the power from
the engine to the wheels or track. These methods are:
- Straight Cut Gears with Chain - Splash Lubricated
- Straight Cut and/or Bevel Cut Gears only - Splash Lubricated
- Bevel Cut and Straight Cut Gears - Mist Lubricated
- Hilliard Clutch - Splash Lubricated

• Gear & Chain Case Lubricants are required to:
- Prevent Metal to Metal Contact
- Cool Hot areas by transferring heat
- Reduce friction
- Inhibit Rust and Corrosion

• Additional Requirements for a Good Lubricant:
- Inhibit Oxidation
- Control Foam
- Carry Extreme Pressure
- Seal Compatibility
- Maintain adequate Viscosity (Thickness) at all Operating Temperatures
- Good Demulsibility (The ability to separate water from oil)

• Enemies of Gear & Chain Case Oils
- Heat- Increases the Oxidation Rate
- Excessive Aeration- Increases the Oxidation Rate
- Water- Water when mixed with the EP ( Extreme Pressure) additive results
in a chemical reaction producing corrosive compoundsGearearear