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Victory Product Q&A

Why can’t I run car engine oil in my Victory motorcycle?

Oil is critical to the welfare of the Freedom engine and the transmission. Unlike the majority of automobiles, the Freedom engine is air-cooled and operates at different rpms than an automobile engine. Also, on a Victory motorcycle the engine and transmission share the same oil and the vehicle uses a wet clutch, so Victory oil is designed to meet the needs of those components as well. You won’t find the heat dissipation qualities and wet clutch protection of Victory 20W-40 in any other oil.


Why are there different fork oils for different Victory models but only one gas shock oil?

Victory motorcycles come equipped with forks from different manufacturers that are calibrated to suit the type of riding for which the bike is designed. Manufacturers such as Kayaba, Marzocchi and KYB use different spec parts in their suspension components and each require a specific oil, thus the different oils required for different Victory models. The oil formulation is critical to the operation of the component and welfare of the soft parts such as seals.


How often should I lube the cables on my Victory motorcycle?

A broken clutch cable is a bad thing that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. For that reason, Victory recommends lubing your cables on a regular basis, at least 2-3 times a season (or year, depending on where you live). It is especially critical if you ride in rain, live in a humid climate or wash your bike often as moisture can lead to increased cable friction and fatigue. Victory Silicone Cable lube displaces moisture to keep cables operating smoothly.


My Victory runs fine, why should I use Victory Super Carbon Clean?

Your Victory motorcycle leaves the assembly line with Victory Carbon Clean already in the tank. Victory Carbon Clean is designed to treat today’s modern Ethanol-blended fuels that tend to absorb moisture easier than non-blended fuels and addresses the negative aspects of phase separation. Phase separation is when the amount of moisture in the fuel surpasses the ability of the fuel to contain it causing the water to separate from the fuel. Phase separation can cause all kinds of damage to a vehicle’s fuel system including corrosion, hard starting and non-starting and it drags ethanol with it causing a loss in octane in the fuel.

Victory Carbon Clean also cleans the fuel injection system (and is recommended by the injector manufacturer), valves, sticky rings and carbon deposits. It contains dispersants that break down carbon molecules that build up on internal engine parts and allow them to be burned in the engine and expelled through the exhaust. Carbon Clean cleans in ways that fuel can’t because, while fuel is a solvent, it does not have the dispersant qualities of Carbon Clean. Victory Carbon Clean also has a corrosion inhibitor that plates out on metal parts and forms a thin, protective coating. Carbon Clean is an essential tool in keeping your Victory motorcycle running its best.